Hello world!

March 4, 2010

I don’t…usually keep a blog or a journal unless something important happens.

I just don’t, it’s how I roll.

I figure I might as well try, no?

Anyway, I’m about to get dressed for today.

I don’t expect today to be a good day, but I hope the band director who’s working with our group will be with us again. He was really nice and gave my ego a good boost, haha.

On the other hand, the spanish teacher moved the retarded girl (and I mean she’s stupid, ignorant, superficial to the extreme, etc.) next to our little group in the room. It’s not that bad, persay, but I hate talking to her because she says we’re friends. We’re not. Ever. The main problem is that she sprays so much perfume that we can TASTE IT and a kid next to me gets migraines from it. She says she’ll move the guy if retard keeps spraying it.

She will.

Off I go to get naked and get dressed, I hope it’s not too cold today.

Things to do: Workout, write more, pass spanish test, work on the next commission….?

I don’t know.